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Many patients often consult their dentists or dental technicians to determine the most ideal type of dental floss. But experienced dental professionals always suggest that an individual should opt for the type that he/she can manage to use on a regular basis because regular flossing is more important than determining the right type of floss.

Basically, the idea behind flossing is using a piece of dental floss that is run between the teeth for cleaning purposes. Dental flossing plays an important role in cleaning away plaque that is missed by the toothbrush while maintaining healthy oral environment. In fact, if the teeth are solely brushed and not flossed, a bigger fraction of bacteria in the mouth will be left behind.

Dental Floss

Today, there are a number of different types of floss that an individual can choose from. Now, it is important to understand that going for two different kinds of floss won’t produce different results. But, two different types may have differences in terms of factors like comfort or taste. While all types of dental floss are effective in cleaning the teeth, the right choice is the one that can be easily used on a daily basis.

The two basic types of dental floss are multifilament floss that are made of nylon or silk and monofilament floss that are made of plastic or rubber. Of the two types, nylon dental floss is extremely popular because it is the standard dental floss and when a generic dental floss is purchased, it is most likely nylon-based. In fact, nylon dental floss is even less expensive as compared to other types. Coming in different flavors and thicknesses, nylon dental floss has both waxed and un-waxed varieties. On the contrary, the monofilament floss integrates advanced technology, and because this floss doesn’t work like a fabric such as nylon, it is less likely to tear or rip easily. Because of its strength, many find this floss easier to use.

Dental Floss

The two forms of floss come in a variety of flavors such as mint, bubblegum and cinnamon. Furthermore, the two kinds of floss boast a variety of thicknesses. This is essential as different people have different spacing between their teeth. And the ideal strategy is using a dental floss that is highly comfortable. If the dental floss goes between the teeth easily, it should be considered to have the ideal thickness.

Another category is opting for waxed and un-waxed dental floss. These are typically made of nylon. And wax is highly useful in helping the floss squeeze between the teeth comfortably. However, there are no clinical benefits to using waxed floss and it’s all about personal preference. Lastly, it is important to understand that waxed and un-waxed floss come in different thicknesses, therefore, there are several options to choose from.

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