What Is Crown Lengthening?
What Is Crown Lengthening?
Understanding the Braces Mechanism
Understanding the Braces Mechanism



According to oral health experts, toothbrushes serve as the most lucrative sites for germs, especially when these dental health essentials aren’t covered. In fact, uncovered toothbrushes allow diarrhea-causing bacteria like E. coli and other bacteria like staphylococci to thrive and attack an individual’s health.

An important thing to understand is the fact that a person’s mouth is naturally full of microorganisms regardless of the use of uncovered toothbrush. And, what actually leads to health problems is bacterial imbalance in the mouth. It should also be kept in mind that plaque is a thin layer of bacteria and each time the teeth are brushed, bacteria is being put on the toothbrush.

Most oral health experts believe that these bacteria on the toothbrush shouldn’t be blamed for common illnesses.  Irrespective of the number of bacteria present in the mouth, the body’s in-built defense systems make it very unlikely that an individual will suffer from an infectious disease just by brushing the teeth. However, it is important to realize that taking care of toothbrushes is extremely important to rule out any chances of harmful or disease-causing bacterial growth in the mouth.  This also means that there should be no compromise on basic hygiene when using or storing the toothbrush.

In many cases, individuals make the terrible mistake of brushing the teeth where all the flushing is done. Typically, most bathrooms aren’t very spacious and in most cases, the toilet and bathroom sink are very close to each other. Since a toilet flush spreads bacteria in the atmosphere, having uncovered toothbrushes placed near the toilet only allows bacteria to make their way into the exposed toothbrushes. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that toothbrushes aren’t stored anywhere close to the toilet. Moreover, it is very important that hands are thoroughly washed before using the toothbrush for cleaning.


How to Store the Toothbrush? 

In addition to moving the toothbrush away from the toilet, there are certain important steps that can be taken to make sure that the toothbrush is stored properly so that the chances of catching infections or experiencing any oral or general health issues are reduced.

Tip # 1: Rinsing the toothbrush is extremely important. Start with washing off the toothbrush with water each time it is used.


Tip # 2: Keeping the toothbrush dry is also very important.  Since bacterial growth is more rapid in a wet environment, the toothbrush should always be dried between brushings. Covers that may offer a moist environment for the bacteria to thrive shouldn’t be used.


Tip # 3: All toothbrushes should be kept upright instead of lying them down.


Tip # 4: Lastly, sharing is not caring in this case. Regardless of how close a person is to his/her family or friends, toothbrushes shouldn’t be shared at any cost.  In fact, a toothbrush shouldn’t be kept in the same container with other toothbrushes as they may swap bacteria.

Legality of Brighton Dental Labs
Brighton Dental Laboratories is DAMAS certified and FDA approved lab to manufacture and customize dental products so as to assist in the provision of better oral health care.

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