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Boasting a beautiful, healthy smile is what everyone dreams about. But, a very few people succeed in fulfilling this wish.  With the introduction of advanced orthodontic devices like aligners, many people can now bring their dream of “boasting a great smile” to reality.

Basically, braces have wire-connected brackets for encouraging teeth movement. Dental aligners are custom-made retainers that tend to slip over the wearer’s teeth. Now, it is important to understand that every person isn’t an eligible candidate for clear aligners. And the best person to consult for determining a patient’s eligibility for this treatment is his/her dentist. Moreover, the dentist should be asked about his/her experience in treating patients with aligners.

invisible braces

Can anyone get invisible teeth aligners?

Since invisible aligners are typically custom-built for a fixed fit, these serve as an ideal option for teens and adults. In most cases, straightening the teeth of a child is complicated because young patients are in a developing phase and the dentist can’t ignore the fact that the mouth of the patient is also developing.

Clear aligners work best for people with teeth that are moderately crowded or have certain spacing problems. In more serious vases of spacing and crowding, more advanced orthodontics may be needed.

Aligner Mechanism

After devising the treatment for correcting the bite, the dentist comes up with the right strategy for tooth movement. If the patient gets the clear aligners, he/she will be fitted for different versions that make small changes for tooth movement over the period of treatment.

These aligners are created by clear plastic materials and fitted over the teeth tightly, however, they can be taken out for flossing, brushing as well as eating. New aligners are given to the patient in some weeks to ensure proper teeth movement.

Teeth Straightening And Aligners

Teeth Straightening And Aligners

The overall time needed for the treatment to be successful depends on the number of teeth that require movement or rotation.  The more an individual’s bite is abnormal or the more his/her teeth are crooked, the longer it takes for the treatment to be effective. Treatment typically takes around a year or two to be effective.  However, if an adult has had braces in his/her childhood, and the teeth had slight shifts over the years, invisible teeth aligners may be required for a period of 10 weeks at minimum.

Since invisible aligners aren’t as precise as traditional ones, a “refinement” of teeth with the help of braces may be needed to make the treatment more effective.

Preventing “metal mouth” is the sole reason behind choosing clear aligners. Unlike braces, aligners can be removed, which makes it easier to floss as well as brush properly, thereby helping in maintaining better overall health. It should also be noted that fixing misaligned or crooked teeth is not only about boasting a perfect smile but it is also very useful in protecting the patient’s long-term dental health.

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