new dental laboratory in worthing

New dental laboratory in Worthing’s Guildbourne Centre

Brighton Implant Clinic is very pleased to announce the opening of a new laboratory in Worthing’s Guildborne Centre! Having the laboratory in the same building as […]
Crowns Made Solely From Porcelain

How to Make a Zirconia Crown

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porcelain repairs at brighton dental lab

Porcelain Repairs Now Available at Brighton Dental Lab

Brighton Dental Lab can carry out small porcelain fractures on screw retained crowns and bridges. Our recent purchase of a porcelain repair kit from Ivoclar enables […]
zirconia bridge on implants

Zirconia bridge on implants

Our team at Brighton Dental Lab are regularly complete crown and bridge work made of zirconia. Unlike conventional crowns and bridges made of porcelain fused to metal, […]
Trench Mouth: Symptoms and Causes

Trench Mouth: Symptoms and Causes

Trench mouth is a type of gingivitis (infection of the gums), which is characterized by severe pain, bleeding of the gums, infection, and ulcers. This condition […]
Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment: Facts and Myths- Part II

The Tooth is Killed by the Root Canal Treatment False: The basic purpose of a root canal treatment is to clean and remove the infected material from […]
Root Canal Treatment: Facts and Myths

Root Canal Treatment: Facts and Myths- Part I

Root Canal Treatment is Painful False: A root canal treatment is not painful. On the contrary, it is used for relieving the pain due to irritation of the […]
Understanding Air Abrasion

Understanding Air Abrasion

Air abrasion is a drill-less dental approach that is used for the removal of tooth decay as well as for other purposes. During the process, an […]
Understanding Gum Tissue Graft

Understanding Gum Tissue Graft-Part II

The “Recovery” Phase Patients are generally expected to leave for home after the completion of this surgical procedure. But, if a sedative is used for promoting […]