Children and Orthodontic Treatment-Part II
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Often, children experience oral and dental problems like misaligned jaws or crooked teeth, which usually require orthodontic treatment. This treatment involves the use of a variety of orthodontic appliances like wires, brackets, headgear, retainers and bands. Here’s an insight into some of the most common kinds of orthodontic treatment options.

orthodontic treatment options

Dental Braces

Braces come in different varieties, as they are the most popular dental appliances that help straighten the teeth while fixing misaligned bites. These dental appliances work by the application of pressure to the teeth as well as jaws for moving the teeth into a favorable position.

Traditionally, teeth were banded completely. However, now brackets are directly bonded to every tooth surface. In certain cases, brackets are positioned behind the teeth, which makes them less visible.

Dental braces are typically composed of steel, plastic, ceramic or a combination of different metals. Sometimes, braces are prepared in a way that they have tooth-colored appearance. When needed, the wires of the braces can be prepared from materials like copper-titanium or nickel-titanium. The materials have a longer life and need fewer adjustments as compared to steel wires. In fact, invisible “trays” are also available that can help in straightening the teeth with the help of conventional wires and braces.

Invisible trays are ideal for individuals who are in need of simple orthodontic treatment. This strategy employs clear, custom-made trays that apply tooth pressure, which moves the teeth slowly into their proper position. This treatment isn’t helpful for individuals who are in need of more broad orthodontics. It usually costs more than conventional braces.

Here are some other common appliances that are used in orthodontics these days:

Understanding TADs

TADs are simply mini-screws that range from six to twelve millimeters in length. If required, these screws can be fixed to oral bone on a temporary basis for providing a fixed point for the application of force in order to move the teeth. These screws ensure predictable tooth control, which makes them a popular dental appliance in orthodontic treatment.

What Are Rubber Bands?

Rubber bands are known as elastics that are used for moving the teeth and jaws into the favorable position with great force. These bands are available in different colors and wearers have different options to choose from.

What About Headgear?

Certain individuals benefit from the use of headgear. It has attachment to the dental braces from the head’s back, which can be eventually removed. When a headgear is required, it should be worn during sleep or at home.

What Are Retainers?

Retainers are highly effective in keeping the teeth in position after the removal of braces. It takes a great deal of time for the teeth to start settling into their actual position. By wearing dental retainers, shifting of the teeth can be prevented. Certain retainers can be removed but others are permanent. Typically, retainers are composed of clear metallic and plastic wires. In some cases, retainers are also made of rubber.

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