Braces: Maintenance and Care

BRACES MAINTENANCE AND CARE Contact Us TAKING CARE OF BRACES According to dental lab technicians and oral health experts, the success of orthodontic treatment not only […]

Understanding Mouth Guards: Types and Uses

UNDERSTANDING MOUTH GUARDS TYPES AND USES Contact Us TYPES AND USES Mouth guards are special coverings that are placed over the teeth, and in most cases, […]

Understanding A Denture Reline

UNDERSTANDING A DENTURE RELINE Contact Us UNDERSTANDING THE PROCESS A dental reline can be referred to as a process/tool that aims at re-fitting the denture’s surface […]

Zirconia Dental Implants

ZIRCONIA DENTAL IMPLANTS Contact Us ABOUT THE PROCEDURE Dental implants are mostly made of two materials i.e. titanium or zirconium oxide (zirconia). While titanium dental implants […]

Use of Lithium Disilicate in Dental Treatment

USE OF LITHIUM DISILICATE IN DENTAL TREATMENT Contact Us USE OF LITHIUM DISILICATE Lithium disilicate is a material used in the preparation of various dental devices, […]

Removable Partial Dentures: Understanding the Use and Benefits

REMOVABLE PARTIAL DENTURES UNDERSTANDING THE USE AND BENEFITS Contact Us USE AND BENEFITS Partial dentures are highly effective in providing effective and reliable dental solutions to […]

Common Problems Associated With Dental Crowns


Cantilever And Maryland Dental Bridges: Understanding the Difference

CANTILEVER AND MARYLAND DENTAL BRIDGES UNDERSTANDING THE DIFFERENCE Contact Us UNDERSTANDING THE DIFFERENCE Dental bridges have been used for years to treat problems like tooth decay […]

Dental Fillings: Understanding the Benefits of Different Kinds

DENTAL FILLINGS UNDERSTANDING THE BENEFITS OF DIFFERENT KINDS Contact Us UNDERSTANDING THE BENEFITS The rapid advancement of dental technology has now made a number of different […]