About Brighton Dental Lab

Brighton Dental Labs was founded by dentist Dr Bruno Silva. Dedicated to using the latest techniques, advanced dental restorative materials and prosthodontics for his own patient’s, he established his own dental laboratory in 2009.

Dr Bruno Silva

Award Winning Success

Following our award-winning success there are now two dental laboratories in Sussex creating, designing and distributing a range of prosthodontics to dentist’s and dental clinics alike. Each of our laboratories has a team of experienced, qualified dental technicians who use the best and latest materials, equipment and CAD CAM technology.

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dental lab solutions

Our dental lab solutions include crowns, bridges, removable dentures, (acrylics and chrome, chrome cobalt materials, IPs Emax systems and more. Our strengths include dental implant restorations and the latest techniques in implantology design.

Our Promise

  • Market leading brands.
  • Consistent quality.
  • The best and most advanced systems in prosthodontics.
  • Communication between technicians and dentists.
  • Excellent customer care.

DMAS certified

FDA approved


About Brighton Dental Labs

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