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A dental reline can be referred to as a process/tool that aims at re-fitting the denture’s surface to oral tissues. This goal is accomplished by placing acrylic bases into the denture that tend to duplicate the changed form of the affected oral structures. A denture reline is generally used for bringing back stability while preventing food particles from accumulating beneath the denture.

While this dental tool is needed for several reasons, it is most frequently recommended for patients who are experiencing gum resorption issues, which is a consequence of the ageing process or tooth extraction. Many dental experts consider a denture reline an essential element of denture maintenance, which can help in enhancing the health of the oral tissues while improving bone support at the same time.


The “Temporary” Version

Also known as tissue conditioners, they are silicone gels that typically last a month or in some cases, up to four months. These are recommended for denture-wearers who have had a tooth extraction in the past. Sometimes, they are also used for improving tissue health before the dentist places new dentures.

The “Direct” Version

Direct relines are also known as chair side relines. These relines are directly inserted in the denture setting in the patient’s mouth as he/she waits in the dental chair. These relines come with hard or soft bases and they aren’t typically considered long-term solutions to denture fit problems.

The “Processed” Version

These relines are completed by taking impressions of the patient’s denture interior so that the changed form of oral structures can be duplicated. These impressions are further processed in the dental lab for around 7 hours. Because these relines are made from quality materials and tend to offer satisfactory solutions to denture fit problems, they are often referred to as permanent relines.

The “Soft” Version

These relines are mostly used in lower dentures, ensuring additional protection and comfort to patients with sensitive gums or patients lacking bone support. These soft liners are bonded directly into the dentures. As a result, the denture adheres better to the gum, causes less irritation to the tissues and becomes more stable. When preparing the denture, the lab technician takes impressions for these relines and processes them into the denture’s interior. These relines can last two years or more.

The “Rebase” Version

These relines refit dentures by replacing their bases. Usually, new impressions of the denture’s inner side are taken, which is followed by complete removal of the old acrylic. The new acrylic base is then positioned around the teeth.

At the end of the day, it is important to understand that a denture reline only replaces the denture’s fitting surface to address any fit issues but it isn’t meant for altering tooth color or shaping the tooth for aesthetic satisfaction.

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