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Partial dentures are highly effective in providing effective and reliable dental solutions to people who have a few missing teeth but with some healthy natural teeth still left in the mouth.

Also known as removable prosthesis, these dentures help in properly positioning artificial replacement teeth in the patient’s mouth. Usually, clasps are used for keeping the dentures in place, which are thin structures that are composed of resilient metal alloys or plastic in some cases. These clasps work by resting upon and wrapping around the patient’s natural teeth that are still present in the mouth. Clasps help in keeping the prosthesis tightly in place while letting an individual easily take the dentures out for proper cleaning and regular tooth-brushing.

No doubt, the most outstanding benefit of partial dentures is that they make it possible for the natural teeth to be preserved while improving any speech issues that the patient may have. Removable partial dentures are also used in replacing teeth that are missing while enhancing chewing abilities. In fact, removable partial dentures allow patients to chew food even more confidently. In addition to letting patients enjoy their favorite foods, these dental devices also help patients maintain healthy oral conditions.

Preventing Health Conditions

Another very important use of removable partial dentures is that they help in preventing health conditions like TMJ. These dentures can also play an important role in supporting the face, which is what gives many patients a pleasing and more confident smile. And this is perhaps why; many patients link the use of these dentures with improvement in self-esteem. Moreover, because these dentures are affordable, they are usually considered an economical dental solution to the problem of missing teeth. Sometimes, additional teeth are added to existing partial dentures if natural teeth are lost. But typically, crowning isn’t needed for fitting partial dentures, which are easily repairable if broken.

Many patients wonder how long their removable partial dentures would last. But, it’s important to understand that accidents do happen and the mouth is subject to constant changes. This means that partial dentures may become loose, broken or bent overtime. However, most problems associated with removable partial dentures are repairable, such as issues with the denture’s clasps.

Dental Devices checked by a professional dentist

Usually, partial dentures are considered to have a life of at least five years. Based on the experience of dental technicians in preparing these dentures and how well the patient takes care of them, this five year period can even increase to six years or more.

Whether patients experience any problems with their dentures or not, it is always a good idea to have these dental devices checked by a professional dentist once every six months to avoid any problems with their use. If any issues with removable dentures aren’t fixed on time, even the slightest problems can develop into bigger issues that can lead to oral diseases or tooth loss. In some cases, these problems can even necessitate denture replacement.

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