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Toothbrush Care: Staying Safe and Healthy
Toothbrush Care: Staying Safe and Healthy



If an individual has a “gummy” smile or abnormally small teeth, he/she may consider opting for crown lengthening. This procedure is also known as a gum lift and involves cosmetic dentistry techniques for beautifying the smile by enhancing the exposure of teeth.


About The Procedure

This is an oral surgical procedure that is highly effective in the removal of unnecessary amount of gum tissue and bones surrounding the upper teeth for making the teeth appear longer. This procedure is usually performed by and under the supervision of dentists as well as gum specialists.

In case of uneven gum line, this procedure can help in sculpting the gum line for creating a symmetrical smile. Other than cosmetic reasons, crown lengthening may be used to achieve other dental purposes. For instance, the procedure can be performed to increase the exposure of the tooth’s crown for supporting a dental filling.

The entire process of crown lengthening is based on an oral surgery that is carried out under the effect of local anesthesia. Once the targeted region is numbed, small cuts are made for pulling away the patient’s gums from his/her teeth so that excess gum can be removed. At times, only removal of gum tissue is required for exposing a greater part of the crown. However, in the presence of excessive soft tissue and bone that covers the crown, a very small part of bone may be removed as well. Once the surgery is completely performed, sterile salt water is used for washing the gums that are eventually stitched up.

Why Crown Lengthening Is Beneficial

Why Crown Lengthening Is Beneficial

The most significant benefit of crown lengthening is that this procedure only needs to be done once and there’s no need for follow-up treatment. Apart from developing a wider, more symmetrical smile, this procedure is also effective in offering solutions to other dental care problems. For instance, crown lengthening can significantly reduce the chances of developing tooth decay as a greater part of the tooth is exposed to flossing and brushing. In fact, the surgical procedure can typically be finished in a matter of 30-60 minutes.

Recovering From The Procedure

After the completion of this surgical procedure, the patient is prescribed a pain reliever and asked to apply ice for reducing swelling. Additionally, the patient will be required to consume a diet based on soft foods. Gentle tooth brushing is strongly recommended, particularly in regions of the teeth surrounding the stitches. The whole process could take around three months or more. During this time, the patient may consider having veneers or some other form of cosmetic dentistry treatment like whitening or bonding.

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