What is a Tooth Fracture?
Cosmetic Dental Solutions-Part II



Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most popular fields in dentistry that has gone through tremendous advancements in recent years. Whether it is teeth whitening and tooth shaping or tooth replacement, cosmetic dental solutions have helped millions of individuals boast beautiful smiles with confidence.  Here’s an insight into some of the most common cosmetic dental solutions:

Understanding Teeth Whitening

It isn’t uncommon for teeth to turn yellow or get stained overtime,   particularly if an individual smokes, takes certain drugs, or consumes foods and drinks like tea and coffee. With the help of chemical procedures, the teeth can be bleached in a dental office. In-office methods can be used for whitening the teeth or whitening-systems can be provided to be used at home.

Usually, custom mouthpieces are designed in dental labs that are provided to the patient so that the whitening solution is applied in the right amount. Although at-home teeth whitening method may appear as convenient option, it takes around two to four weeks to produce effective results. On the contrary, in-office dental whitening only needs a visit or two to produce effective results in 45- to 60-minutes.

It should be noted that even the results of the most effective teeth whitening solutions start wearing off if the teeth are constantly exposed to substances or conditions that had initially caused the staining. As whitening products don’t offer a guaranteed way to clean the teeth, following regular oral hygiene practices is still very important.

Teeth Straightening And Aligners

What About Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a popular cosmetic dental solution that helps in improving the look of the teeth if there is abnormally wide space between them, or if the teeth are broken, stained or chipped.

Bonding materials are also used for filling small cavities or for protecting exposed tooth roots. This can be achieved by the application of an etching solution, after which, tooth-colored materials like composite resins are applied to the targeted surfaces directly.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are custom shells that can be made from plastic or porcelain. These shells serve the purpose of covering the teeth’s front sides so that their color or shape can be changed.

This is an effective option for patients that have abnormal spaces between their teeth, people with chipped or crooked teeth. Moreover, veneers are also used for fixing teeth that have permanently stained or are poorly shaped. Dental experts typically recommend veneers for the same issues that bonding deals with. However, it should be noted that veneer placement is an irreversible procedure.

Dental veneers are not as expensive as crowns. Furthermore, these dental devices have a long life and good color stability.

Before these shells are inserted, tooth impressions are taken, after which, tooth buffing is done before the veneer is cemented in place. Since veneers are prepared in a dental laboratory, a second visit is needed to insert the veneers.

Why Crown Lengthening Is Beneficial

Delivering Confidence

At Brighton, we continue delivering confidence every day to our clients. Our mission is to consistently provide the highest quality dental masterpieces and restorations crafted with artistic creativity and delivered in timely fashion.

We will continue striving towards creating the best blend of technical expertise, attentive customer service and the production of dependable dental services and products you can always count on.

Legality of Brighton Dental Labs
Brighton Dental Laboratories is DAMAS certified and FDA approved lab to manufacture and customize dental products so as to assist in the provision of better oral health care.

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