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Making Life Easier With Braces: Dos and Don’ts



According to dental lab technicians and oral health experts, the success of orthodontic treatment not only depends on the dentist’s experience but it’s also affected by how well the patient takes care of his/her braces. Effective maintenance of braces is highly important for the success of the treatment as well as for maintaining healthy teeth. Here’s an insight into how you can take care of your braces with no compromise on your oral health:

Keeping the Braces Clean

Brushing the teeth and flossing them on a regular basis is extremely important for keeping the braces clean and healthy. When flossing teeth with braces, make sure that the floss’ short end is fed through the gap between the arch wire and the upper tooth portion that is nearest the gum. A gentle sawing motion should be used for working the floss on either side of the teeth being flossed. It is also important to understand that pulling the floss with extreme force around the arch wire can be damaging to both the braces and the teeth.

The ideal strategy for brushing the teeth is using a soft toothbrush. Start the process by brushing down from the top, which should be followed by moving up from the bottom on all teeth with braces. Then, a proxabrush should be used for brushing the teeth, which is a special toothbrush that helps ensure proper cleaning between two braces. It is important to note that several strokes should be used in all directions before reaching the next space between braces. The procedure should be repeated until each and every tooth has been cleaned.

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Eating With Braces

When wearing braces, it becomes easier to chew food if it is cut into small pieces. But, it is essential to realize that some foods should never be eaten while wearing braces as these foods can cause the braces to become loose or lead to other braces-related problems. For instance, foods that aren’t easy to bite or chewy foods like caramel candies should be avoided. Munching on corn on the cob, popcorn or nuts is also considered a damaging habit. Moreover, braces wearers should also avoid chewing ice or bubble gum.

Retainer Maintenance

Whenever teeth are brushed, retainers should also be brushed. This process should be carried out once on a daily or weekly basis. Dentists recommend disinfecting retainers by soaking them in denture cleansers. The retainers should be immersed in warm water and rinsed with plain water before being placed back in the mouth.

Braces and Athletics

Many people are concerned about their athletic activities and the use of braces. Dental experts believe that braces wearers should have no problem with athletics, and therefore, they should feel comfortable while participating in such activities. If there are chances of experiencing tooth injury or facial accidents during the particular sport activity, mouthguards should be used for avoiding serious problems. Mouthguards, which are made of durable plastic, can fit over braces comfortably and offer protection to oral soft tissues.

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