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Brighton Implant Clinic is very pleased to announce the opening of a new laboratory in Worthing’s Guildborne Centre! Having the laboratory in the same building as the dentistry practice allows for faster treatment completion time. You won’t have to wait for it to be shipped and received from an outside location, ultimately cutting down on how long your treatment will take and your acquiring a new, bright smile.

Having a dental laboratory on site enables us to make dental restorations in less time. Unlike other practices we are able to priorities cases which need to be completed in one day. This is crucial for patients who travel from far away and need to have complex dental treatment. Our technicians are experienced in both implant restorations as well as conventional crowns and bridges.

The new laboratory has four skilled dental lab assistants qualified of making same-day crowns and bridges.

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Clinical Director for the Brighton Implant Clinic, Dr. Bruno Silva, said the launch of the laboratory in Worthing is a great step towards achieving affordable dental care for Britons.

“Our patients travel from all over the UK to visit our clinics and gain access to more affordable and predictable implant treatments. The new lab in Worthing extends the offering we are providing, and creates more opportunities for people who require our services,” Dr. Silva said. Brighton Implant Clinic already started its first dental laboratory in Hove in 2009 and currently provides in house dental prosthesis for all of the clinics within the group.

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