Dental Implants

In contrast to other dental solutions such as removable bridges and dentures, dental implants allow for a more versatile and natural dental alternative.

Most patients would agree that implants have greater aesthetic appeal, are more comfortable and even provide a patient with the ability to bit just as forcefully as dental bridges that are fixed in place. Another important advantage is the fact that implants provide a permanent treatment alternative that remedies the embarrassment and inconvenience often associated with dentures or missing teeth.

There are a full range of options available when deciding on the most suitable dental implant procedure. One main decision is to decide what type of restoration will be attached to the implant – with dental bridges and dental crowns and being most common.

Our dental implants are made of titanium and designed to last a lifetime – if they’re cared for properly. Implants are specifically designed with permanence in mind, which provides patients with the peace of mind knowing that the solution is long-term. Implants are created to both appear and feel like your very own teeth.