custom-made mouth guards


Sports guards also known as mouth guards or gum shields have exactly the same purpose – to protect against dental injury. Mouth guards should be an essential in all sports and paramount in contact sports. There are many different types of sports guards available, although custom-made mouth guards offer a superior protection.


Brighton dental labs work with WHW the globally recognised company plastics, a leading dental and medical manufacturer, based here in the United Kingdom. We use soft but durable EVA, which is a high impact and energy absorbing material. Following receiving a patient’s impressions, these custom-made mouth guards can be manufactured in just one day.



Made with a greater contact area to reduce and prevent injury from a direct of indirect blow during sport or activity.

Can be made up to 2.5mm thicker, for different levels of shock absorption.

Excellent retention.

Protection to the lower skull, jaw and mouth.

Retains muscle tone in the mouth to prevent restrictions to the airway.

Individually handmade.

Replacement mouth guards.


There are different types of mouth guard’s available, adult additions as well as children’s, for example, children’s can be made to facilitate for mixed dentition. The type of sport or activity you participate in should also be discussed with your dentist/dental technician to make sure that you get the right design for you.

Mouth guards are available in a range of colours, including clear, multi-coloured, and special designs.

Appliance boxes also available in matching designs.