Cosmetic Dental Solutions-Part II

COSMETIC DENTAL SOLUTIONS-PART II Contact Us UNDERSTANDING DENTAL CROWNS Dental crowns or dental caps serve the purpose of covering a tooth surface so that its normal […]

Cosmetic Dental Solutions-Part I

COSMETIC DENTAL SOLUTIONS-PART I Contact Us COSMETIC DENTAL SOLUTIONS Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most popular fields in dentistry that has gone through tremendous advancements […]

What is a Tooth Fracture?

What is a Tooth Fracture? Contact Us Tooth Fracture Tooth fractures can be extremely minor (affecting the enamel and/or dentin) or very severe (affecting the root), […]

Common Dental Injuries

COMMON DENTAL INJURIES Contact Us What about a chipped tooth? Minor tooth fractures typically involve enamel chipping. The teeth aren’t displaced, and there isn’t any form […]

Removable Partial Dentures: Understanding the Use and Benefits

REMOVABLE PARTIAL DENTURES UNDERSTANDING THE USE AND BENEFITS Contact Us USE AND BENEFITS Partial dentures are highly effective in providing effective and reliable dental solutions to […]

How are dentures made?

HOW ARE DENTURES MADE? Contact Us THE PROCESS   When teeth are lost or extracted, tooth sockets start filling in with bone while the gum tissues […]