zirconia bridge on implants

Zirconia bridge on implants

ZIRCONIA BRIDGE ON IMPLANTS Contact Us ZIRCONIA BRIDGE ON IMPLANTS Our team at Brighton Dental Lab are regularly complete crown and bridge work made of zirconia. […]

Lasers in Dentistry

LASERS IN DENTISTRY Contact Us The use of lasers in dentistry is no longer considered a new idea. In fact, this technology has been used for […]

Zirconia Dental Implants

ZIRCONIA DENTAL IMPLANTS Contact Us ABOUT THE PROCEDURE Dental implants are mostly made of two materials i.e. titanium or zirconium oxide (zirconia). While titanium dental implants […]

Use of Lithium Disilicate in Dental Treatment

USE OF LITHIUM DISILICATE IN DENTAL TREATMENT Contact Us USE OF LITHIUM DISILICATE Lithium disilicate is a material used in the preparation of various dental devices, […]