Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment: Facts and Myths- Part II

ROOT CANAL TREATMENT: FACTS AND MYTHS- PART II Contact Us FACTS AND MYTHS The Tooth is Killed by the Root Canal Treatment False: The basic purpose of […]

Different Types of Dental Floss

DIFFERENT TYPES OF DENTAL FLOSS Contact Us TYPES OF DENTAL FLOSS Many patients often consult their dentists or dental technicians to determine the most ideal type […]
Toothbrush Care: Staying Safe and Healthy

Toothbrush Care: Staying Safe and Healthy

TOOTHBRUSH CARE: STAYING SAFE AND HEALTHY Contact Us STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY According to oral health experts, toothbrushes serve as the most lucrative sites for germs, […]

Common Dental Injuries

COMMON DENTAL INJURIES Contact Us What about a chipped tooth? Minor tooth fractures typically involve enamel chipping. The teeth aren’t displaced, and there isn’t any form […]