Children and Orthodontic Treatment-Part I

CHILDREN AND ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT-PART I Contact Us Often, children experience oral and dental problems like misaligned jaws or crooked teeth, which usually require orthodontic treatment. This […]

Children and Orthodontic Treatment-Part II

CHILDREN AND ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT-PART II Contact Us ARE DENTISTS CAPABLE OF PROVIDING ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT? Yes, dentists can provide treatment for mild orthodontic problems. However, if there […]
Understanding the Braces Mechanism

Understanding the Braces Mechanism

UNDERSTANDING THE BRACES MECHANISM Contact Us MECHANISM BEHIND BRACES Typically, the mechanism behind braces is the application of continuous pressure over a specified time period for […]

Cosmetic Dental Solutions-Part II

COSMETIC DENTAL SOLUTIONS-PART II Contact Us UNDERSTANDING DENTAL CROWNS Dental crowns or dental caps serve the purpose of covering a tooth surface so that its normal […]

Making Life Easier With Braces: Dos and Don’ts

Making Life Easier With Braces: Dos and Don’ts Contact Us DOS AND DON'TS One of the most important concerns associated with orthodontic treatment and oral health […]

Braces: Maintenance and Care

BRACES MAINTENANCE AND CARE Contact Us TAKING CARE OF BRACES According to dental lab technicians and oral health experts, the success of orthodontic treatment not only […]

The Different Types of Braces

THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF BRACES Contact Us TYPES OF BRACES With the advancement in dental technology, dentists and patients have a variety of dental treatment options […]